Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Crocodiles! Oh my!

My favorite picture of the day: they are "scared" of the crocodile in the background After an early breakfast and a condensed Matins, we piled 17 chiquitos, 5 staff and ourselves into the hogar van and headed to the zoo! We had decent weather for the majority of the day, but it did rain on and off. We left just in time for the torrential downpour! The entrance fee was about 1.50 per child and 2.90 for adults. We rented strollers for the little ones. So it was a little less than 65 USd total. I was very impressed with the cleanliness and variety of animals. Besides the birds in captivity (I will never think this is acceptable), the animals looked like they were well taken care of. Some of the cages were empty with a sign that said they were at the veteranarian. None looked malnourished or abused. All good signs. The kids had a ball! Most said their favorite was the lion. There was a gate open, so I was joking that a lion escaped! My favorite is the elephant. We went into a cave-like observatory to view the snakes and lizards. After about 2 hours of walking around, we bought everyone french fries and various flavors of pop from Pollo Campero. Afterwards, everyone was sticking out their different colored toungues from grape, orange soda, etc. I was boring because I had a coke and my tounge was regular.

On the way back to the hogar, everyone fell asleep. It was precious! This was the opportune time to run to Office Depot and buy the binders for my project. This was quite the adventure with Jorge. 600Q, and a little added stress later, we leave Office Depot and safely return to the hogar. We returned at a little past 2--way past naptime, so everyone was exhausted.

We had a nice afternoon talking with the kids about our day. After vespers during announcements, Erika noted that all the little ones were very well-behaved and only went to the bathroom once. She said she would go with these kids any day because they don't need to constantly be running to the bathroom. I too was very impressed with the children's behavior at the zoo.

After dinner, we watched the second third of the documentary. This part was much more interesting, personally, because it was about Communism and Socialism in China, Russia, and Israel. I don't think the girls' opinions would concur. One fell asleep on my shoulder.

Tomorrow, another team will be coming. Father Matthias Moriak, one of the three Episcopal candidates of OCA for Chicago and the Midwest, and spiritual father to the nuns here, will be leading this group. May God bless their safe travels.

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