Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 3

Thursday, July 29
Scrambled eggs with peppers and onions along with white tea was today's breakfast. In the afternoon, we learned how to make flan, with a very basic recipe. Its a long process of just stirring sugar on the stovetop until it caramelizes. Before lunch, Anya was teaching me a little Greek. I have been practicing the alphabet and attempting to read small bits of Greek, like the Saints' names written on icons. Before vespers, Madre Maria was teaching us how to correctly tap the semantron the Greek style and the Romanian style. The semantron is a piece of wood used to summon everyone to church. In Palestine, those that used church bells were prosectuted--thus the birth of this percussion-like instrument. It is really interesting that something as simple as a way call a congregation to order can have such rythmic diversity based on culture. We also visited the bunnies. They are so cute and cuddly while at the same time a delicious main course!


  1. The greek, cooking, and the culture. So much to learn from these interesting women. Some may find it cruel but when you raise and grow your own food at least you know the source.

  2. i love reading your blog...just like being there!!! keep up the good work.