Tuesday, August 10, 2010

City-wide blackout

The team left for the usual monastery visit and an afternoon in Antigua after morning Matins and breakfast. Thank God, they had beautiful weather all day long! Things were peaceful around the hogar, as the children were in the colegio and Anya and I were organizing thousands of icons. The girls spent some time in the carpenteria, catching up on projects.

Oftentimes, the city of Guatemala will loose power for no reason. This occurs without warning and usually at the most inconvenient times. Yesterday around noontime, I was in the middle of compiling the Epistle Readings for a book Madre will then bind and will be used regularly when this occurred. Oh the luck! We got power back after lunch, but no internet. The entire town was without internet until about 9am this morning. I think many businesses rely on this form of communication, so cutting the lines at noon on a Monday was not the most beneficial situation for anyone. Thankfully, I have caught up on everything and am now working on translating Daily Matins into English for books for the missionaries.

The team left this morning. As always, it was an emotional time. After we sung many years and the children said their goodbyes, we had a quick breakfast of beans, rice, and apples (are you tired of hearing my meals when it never changes? Surpisingly, I am not tired of any of the Hogar's menu!) where I got to talk with the missionaries about their day yesterday. Since the majority of them are hogar-alums, they were very impressed with the progress of the monastery and the new orphanage. It sounds like they all had a lovely time.

We received a blessing from Mother Ivonne to take the little ones to the zoo tomorrow! Including some nannies, there will be 23 of us going. We can even take them to Pollo Campero for some papas fritas and coca-cola! I am so excited for our little excursion, and God willing, we will have nice weather!

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  1. Enjoy your remaining days in Guatamala. May Christ shower His blessings upon you and all those with whom you work and minister.