Sunday, August 15, 2010

A day full of "Lasts"

This morning, I attended my last Divine Liturgy (and last service here because we leave tomorrow before Matins). It was very special for many reasons, the most important being that we are celebrating the Dormition of the Theotokos. We even got to hear how Guatemala celebrates it. It is considered their patron saint day. During the Gospel reading (of course), we could hear a parade marching outside the hogar walls. Besides the ridiculousness of the streets of Guatemala, I will really miss the innocent prayers from the voices of the children a few missionaries here, aside from the team from NY, who are filming the happenings of the hogar for promotional purposes. Robert is an independant videographer who shoots short promo videos for various nonprofits. They have been shooting in church as well as just around the hogar. They interviewed Father Mathias, as well as some of the missionaries, including myself. Robert said he will get me a copy of this promo for my fundraising efforts with the Huntingdon Area High School! I think I will also try to use this in my presentations at church.
Our last lunch consisted of Chicharon--super, overly crunchy pork, which if you recall I am prohibited to eat. (Madre Ivonne even ferverently reminded me.) I had rice, rice and more rice. We were able to get the children ice cream (thanks to Madre Ivonne) for the end of the Dormition fast. I had vanilla and mango. It is incredible how much better things taste after you have restricted yourself from eating them for a while. Of course, this is not by any means the reason we fast.

In the afternoon, like all Sundays, it was time for a movie. The little ones watched the Little Mermaid II, and the older ones watched Milo and Otis. One of the girls taught me how to close the kombosquini. I also got to know a few of the ladies from the team a little better. One is a physical therapist and another is a pediatrician, two people that can help out a lot here at the hogar.
The kids were cleaning out the carpenteria today for Mr. Russell's arrival tomorrow. It was more of a game for them to play with the dust masks and goggles. I have some pretty fantastic images of future exterminators, haha!

Before dinner, we had some time to play with los chiquitos. We had wheel barrow races, piggy back rides galore, and even an almost organized game of cat and mouse. It was just a really nice way to spend our last few hours with the kids.

The NY team treated everyone to Pollo Campero (fried chicken, french fries and pop) also for the end of the fast. It was good transition food since we will be returning to the greasy US food in a few hours. I think the lady who served me gave me the biggest piece she could find because she felt bad that I didn't eat much at lunch. Our last dessert--papaya.

After we said our thanksgiving prayers, everyone present in the comedor sang "many years" for Anya, John and I. They then gave us cards, and a few little presents. We then had the train of tears before we left the comedor.
It has been a very fufilling summer, in more ways than one. I will elaborate on this in my expectations and closing thoughts tomorrow when I have countless hours in the airports. Please pray for our safe returns!
(so how many "lasts" were there today?)

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  1. Perhaps the End of some things are really the Beginning of others.