Thursday, August 5, 2010

Day 4

Friday, July 30
So, I have had caviar before, but never prepared like this. Commonly referred to as Taramosalata in Greece, these baby fish eggs have the taste of mayonnaise, and with a few drops of fresh lime juice, make a great spread on toast. Along with oatmeal, I really enjoyed this new food for breakfast. Madre Ivonne is bringing the older girls to the monastery for lunch today, so all morning we were preparing for their arrival. Before they came, we helped feed the fish. We learn a little more about the way they raise the tilipia at the monastery. The ponds are purposefully designed fairly small and are only 4ft deep. These tiny quarters prevent the fish from swimming long distances, which would enhance their muscle mass. They remain a decent size to eat, and once a week, they fish and throw back the little ones that are not done growing. I can't recall the number, but I think it is close to 1000 fish in each pool, 4 pools total. The ducks were bathing in the pools as well. They are not a bother to the yielding of the tilipia, because they do not eat the fish, but rather the small insects. Ducks are really fascinating creatures, because unlike most, they mate for life. We were told that we could look for the duck eggs tomorrow, because they do not have a specific nesting area on the grounds. When the girls arrived with Madre, we were greeted with I miss yous and big hugs. Once again, the kids have only been absent in my life for less than a week and we are feeling these emotions; I am not looking forward to saying goodbye in less than 2 weeks. A few of them joked that we had become nuns, because by the 4th consecutive day at a monastery, we should know everything there is to know about monasticism, according to the girls. We had a lovely meal of lentals and papaya salad with great company, as the girls were sharing their latest adventures at the movie theater. Some saw Shrek 4 (can you believe they keep coming up with sequels for this!?), but the majority went to Karate Kid. It is interesting to see the girls' reactions to the movie. Some could only recall the kissing scenes with the young Jayden Smith, while others loved the action scenes. I really have no desire to see this movie, especially after the critique from the girls. Some said they were sad I couldn't go with them, and they felt sorry for me that I was at the boring monastery while they were at Oakland Mall. I think some are just a little too young to appreciate the full beauty and simplicity of this environment. Eventually, and through the grace of God, they will understand and come to appreciate their faith even more than they already do.

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  1. Caviar...Sounds like another day in paradise.